Does Jesus Really Send People To Hell?

Jan 21, 2024    Johnny Scott

What Satan wants to do is cause confusion about some of the most important topics. Jesus talked a lot about Heaven and Hell. Some of the most surprising information we have about Heaven and Hell comes from the authority of Jesus alone. If Satan can confuse us about the reality of Hell, then we won’t believe God has power, and we won’t believe God is just. We might even believe that God forgets things we did, leading us to perceive God as incompetent. If we don’t believe that heaven is beautiful and wonderful, we won’t have the hope we need. We do not understand the reality of having any help because we do not comprehend what the word of God has to say about it. Join us for the next 10 weeks as we dive into the truth about Heaven and Hell. You may find it surprising, possibly even frightening, but it will instill the hope of Heaven in you.

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