The Road To Holiness

Jun 5, 2022    Johnny Scott

When we hear the word ‘Holy’, we think of being clean, free from dirt, free from grime, free from the influences that make something dirty. Christians are called to have an appetite for being Holy but this gets twisted by the enemy. You’ve heard people jeer, perhaps even at you, “Are Too Holy for this” or “Don’t judge me like you are Holier than thou”. We want to redefine the incredible road to holiness that Jesus actually modeled for us. The road to holiness is dirty AND attractive. We’re actually called to get dirty, and thus holy, in this way: ‘To be the hands and feet of Jesus’. It’s time to get dirty in serving, loving, giving, honesty and perhaps even drama. For the next 4 weeks, we will be exploring how we as a Church can go out into the world and get dirty the way Jesus did because Dirty is the New Holy