The Key to Resilient Parenting | Mother's Day at Generations

May 14, 2023    Johnny & Jen Scott

Happy Mothers Day!! Celebrate the day with a powerful message that focuses in on the following topics in our parenting series:

- Resilient Parenting

- Failure of Nerve

- Failure of Heart

Some of life’s greatest joys and greatest heartaches center around the relationship between parent and child. Every person on the planet is impacted by their own parents or the results of their parenting.

What does God’s word have to teach us about parenting? 

Do you need healing in your life for the way you were parented?

Join us for an in-depth series with real-time tools, tips, and life hacks on parenting from 101 -301. We will address topics on parenting through divorce, parenting through crisis, parenting through rebellion, and parenting when they are supposed to be grown up by now. This is your time to spend some time on what God wants to heal in your life when it comes to ‘parenting’ or how you were ‘parented.'

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