Week 1

Mar 14, 2021    Johnny Scott

It is so much better to be FOR someone than against them. People are already living in a world where it seems that everyone or everything is against them. That’s why it is important for to learn this valuable lesson from Jesus. We see this time and time again in the life of Jesus. He was FOR people. He was FOR the lost. He was FOR the the least. He was FOR the last. He was FOR kids. He was FOR everyone. During this three-week series, we’re going to learn from Jesus how we can be FOR our neighbor. The reality is, we are God’s plan for our streets! So, when you drive or walk in your neighborhood, God has a pretty amazing plan for you to be FOR your neighborhood. Let’s come together as a Church and learn how we can unleash the love of Jesus by sharing, serving, and inviting others to accept and experience His love!