5 LIES About Freedom

Feb 26, 2023    Johnny Scott

Join us for this week's sermon on what the biblical explanation of freedom is, including 5 common misperceptions that blind us from the truth.

- The freedom God called you to is viewed through the lens of COMMUNITY

- We want freedom defined as isolation, your problems are your problems, Paul describes ENSLAVEMENT TO each other/the opposite

- Real Freedom doesn’t TAKE from others

- God’s idea of freedom flies in direct contrast to the LIES of Satan’s kingdom

The overall theme of Corinthians:

God has preserved an ancient letter that is perfect for exactly where you are right now! I can say that because the letter I am talking about has so many themes for those who know Jesus and are trying to follow in our fast-paced and chaotic world. It's not hard to imagine a bustling metropolis where the Life that Jesus promises us, runs head into a culture that seems to be coming at us from a completely different perspective. The letter Paul writes to the Christians in the 1st century Corinth might as well be titled, Dear Tampa Bay Jesus followers. Don't miss any episodes of our teaching from 1st Corinthians.

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