What Happened To Trinity Fest?

I recently received an email from a writer on the Mitchel High School newspaper staff. They are running an article on ‘Why GCC canceled Trinity Fest,’ and I wanted to take an opportunity to let everyone peek into our leadership meetings and decision process concerning this fall’s strategy in connecting people to Christ locally! Since so many teens attend Trinity Fest, and since this topic is of interest to them, I thought I would post our comments for the paper in full because they convey the heart and hope of Generations Christian Church over the next few weeks!

Dear Mitch High School News Paper Reporter,

Thanks for reaching out to us to comment! We estimate that 8,000 people visited Trinity Fest last year and it was a fun event for our whole community. I, personally, LOVE this event and participated in everything from the 5K to the business expo and especially ate the equivalent of my weight in elephant ears.

Our main goal is ‘to connect people to Christ’ at Generations. So with everything we do, we evaluate how effective each tactic is that we employ to connect people in meaningful ways relationally to our church and Christ.

Our analysis showed that Trinity Fest was a GOOD event, and we look forward to bringing it back in the upcoming years. Our data also showed us that, of those 8,000 visitors, almost half of them also attended our one-night Fall Festival and Trunk-R-Treat event! This event proved to be one of our BEST events!

Because of this analysis, we have chosen to pause the tradition of Trinity Fest, in some respects, for the fall of 2019 and focus on working in more effective ways to achieve our primary goal while wisely using our resources for the most positive impact on our local community.

We are making our Fall Festival event on October 30th bigger this year with more family experiences, bounce houses, food trucks, and MORE decorated trunks with candy!

For students at Mitchell High School, we have a special event each month called “1st Wednesday”. This event happens every 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm for all students. We have put lots of resources into themed party environments, food, and massive inflatable games. This tactic has helped our Youth ministry grow every week. We are seeing high school students meet other kids, make friends, get into small groups, and get connected with mentors. 

This decision was just one of many we are doing that make an impact all year long and helps Generations realize our goal of connecting people to Christ more effectively!

Feel free to use any or part of the quotes above, and I’d also love to personally invite you to come out on a Wednesday to visit or get some photos for your article. Thanks again for letting us participate.

Blog Postscript

I was so excited to have pastor Mickey preach the second message in our current series, “This Is Your Time: Discipleship.” This message is our main strategy, to seek and find lost people. The next part of Jesus’ instruction is to baptize and teach them to obey all that Christ has commanded (Matt 28 16-20). The way we say it is simply this, “Connecting People to Christ.”

There is an urgency and expectancy we are concentrating on as a church right now with our tag line, “This Is Your Time.” We could have a massive festival and attract 10,000 people to our church property. That would be wonderful, and we would all rejoice at the influence for Christ we worked for. But even if that endeavor was financially successful in stewarding the provision of the Lord, and everyone also had a good time, it would still not guarantee we were moving faster towards our goal of making disciples! This is our priority, and we have a responsibility to consider it in each decision moving forward.

There is no doubt I do believe that getting people on our campus is a significant first step towards more in-depth community. When people come on our campus, we must be ready to engage them intentionally, and our church does a great job at this! We must be wise as we decide which tactics we use and in which order. 

I think the best illustration here comes from Jim Collins highly regarded book, Good to Great. Jim uses the idea of a flywheel or child playground Merry-Go-Round. It is very difficult to start pushing a fully weighted down Merry-Go-Round. However, once it is in full motion, a person can simply stand and maintain the speed by an occasional gentle tap the Merry-Go-Round. The amount of inertia it takes to start a big thing, like Trinity Fest, is much greater than the energy it takes to sustain it or add it to an organization that is already spinning quickly and effectively in the right direction.

So the next question in our strategic process is, “What tactics gain momentum towards our goal of connecting people to Christ the fastest?” What tactics are the most cost-effective and, at the same time, have the most substantial return on the kingdom investment? We invest time, resources, and creativity into many programs. The metric that we must always evaluate our strategies success by is “how many new people are being connected to Christ?” As a staff and leadership team, we have been prayerfully asking these questions for the past year.

We are looking forward to so many wonderful events and gathering times that reach out to our community and friends over this fall season! A person could not possibly attend them all! This is your time to engage the community God has placed you in and connect them to Christ!