We are excited to tell you about a very special weekend for all of us! We are going to be looking at the calling of Moses and how God communicated to Moses, “This is your time.” It’s not about Moses. It was about Moses being obedient to worship, serve, and grow. The mission of Generations echoes the sentiment and commandment of Jesus when He said to go and make disciples. This is why the galvanizing thrust of our main efforts have been, and will always continue to be, connecting people to Christ. By connecting people to Christ, we have completed the first step in the instructions from our Lord to make disciples. 

Recently, a beloved member of our church told me that they don’t like terming unbelievers in Christ as lost. I couldn’t help but think about that statement over the days following our conversation. As a pastor who never wants to sugarcoat or change God’s Word, I know that if someone doesn’t know Jesus, they are lost. However, the posture of this member’s heart in saying those words to me started to help me see their optimism for evangelism in an exciting way. Jesus didn’t yell at people for what they didn’t know. He was kind and patient with people, such as Zacchaeus. It is the kindness of Jesus that leads everyone to repentance. With the attitude of our Lord, we should ask ourselves what we are to say to someone who doesn’t yet know or even care about connecting to Christ. We should speak words that are most compelling which are true, exciting, and what they need most. This led us to a place where we decided that we need to help people with their first step in connecting to Christ, by meeting them exactly where they are in this season of life. 

No matter where a person is in their life, if they don’t know Christ, this is their time to get to know Him! We will be adding a tagline to inspire motivation and promise to reach people who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. When someone sees the Generations unique identifying mark, they will see a potential and promise from our family. The tagline associated with our Generations ‘G’ will be “this is your time.” 

This is your time to Worship . . .
This is your time to Serve . . .
This is your time to Grow . . .  

This rings appropriately true to the name of our church, because no matter what season of life one is in, it is Christ alone and connecting to Him that can help a person. 

This weekend, we are not only celebrating a new tagline, but we are also launching a new logo mark for our church to rally behind. It has been a blessing to work with the Christian Church Marketing Firm, Prodonos, in completing the regional survey and unique brand groundwork that made our new tagline and distinguishing mark possible. Prodonos has been meeting with staff, studying local businesses, and churches to make sure our mark was contemporary, relevant, and intentionally identifying with who we are as a church. 

We want to thank the large group of contributors from the body, elders, and staff that all spoke into multiple rounds and versions of this logo as it took shape. 

Please come out this weekend, because we are celebrating by giving away window decals of the new logo. We hope you are excited to proudly display this decal on a car or office window. We wanted to let our church family celebrate and understand the work that has gone into this before we share this with the community at Trinity Fest. We have been given this treasure of knowing Who Jesus is, you could actually say, we are indeed connected. So, to those in our community, who do not yet know Jesus, join me in telling them, “This is your time.”


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