On a personal level, I bet you love an adventure!  You want to be on a journey that is going somewhere intentional and exciting.  You don’t want to feel stuck or stagnant in any way and the good news is neither does God.  You might even be able to describe what you want your life to look like with detail but if we are all honest, we don’t always know the next step to get to the place we want to be.  God has something to say to you about where you are at right now and where he is calling you to.    
We are also going to take some time to ask what God has to say to us as a church. How do we move from here to there’ corporately is a question that we are looking at as well.  This is actually one of the things that God loves to do the most!  God seems to shine the most when he helps us in very personal ways figure out how to get from here to there. So wherever you are at right now, This Is Your Time!