Surrendering the Secret, Abortion Support

Surrendering the Secret

Did you know that 43% of women of childbearing years have experienced an abortion?  

If this is you, we can help. You are not alone. The pain and shame of a past abortion can effect you in ways you may not even know. 

Surrendering the Secret is a powerful support group that helps hurting women find the path to healing from the guilt and shame of past abortion. You will experience freedom through honest, interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, and a confidential caring community. If you have the pain of a past abortion, it is time for you to be set free!!

If you are interested in joining this class, please email Carol, the Surrendering the Secret leader

To find out more information about the GCC Surrendering the Secret class, and to have one of our trained leaders contact you, please click on the link below.

A trained Surrendering the Secret leader will contact you within 2 days. All emails are kept confidential.

To find out more about the parent Surrendering the Secret organization. Click below.


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