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Executive Pastor of Discipleship | Mickey Pittman

Everybody has a next step. I learned the value of focusing on “Just the next step” many times in my life. One of the times it hit me the hardest was when I injured myself in the first 48 hours of the U.S. Army Ranger School. I went from leading from the front to barely finishing every event. From that day on I learned the meaning of just literally concentrating on the next step because at the time anything else was just too painful and mentally exhausting.

It was so difficult because literally, every step was painful, but God used that time for His glory. When the smoke cleared weeks later, and I earned the Ranger Tab, the much bigger story was that as a result of my not quitting but hearing God’s call in it by leading 5 worship services while I was there, 25 of the 75 Ranger graduates from Class 11-96 had accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

From working with Wall Street teaching leadership after I left active duty, to building unique training programs for our nations special operations forces, the Lord just asked me to be faithful and take the next step. It wasn’t till years later that I completely understood how each step He asked me to take… prepared me for the next. Taking the next step is how we continue to grow in God’s will for our lives.

The steps that we take in our life towards a loving God can be just as hard and in some ways even harder than our physical journey! I love that I get to help people every single day take those essential spiritual next steps to know Jesus, and to make him known.

It is the mission of the church! Discipleship is the most important tool the church has to grow and develop spiritually mature, replicating believers. Jesus is the hope of the world, and His vehicle for carrying the Gospel message into cities, nations, and continents is through the process of making disciples.

Here at GCC, we believe that everyone has a next step in becoming true disciples. How true that is in life, that success is often found with those who are willing to, “Just take the next step.” The best way you can discover God’s plan for your life is to be discipled in God’s Word, and we start that process at GCC through our Connect Class and then our Next Level Study.

“This is your time to take the next step! I invite you to join me at our next Connect Class or to sign up for one of our core classes like Next Level Study, Baptism, Young Couples, Finishing Strong or Growing Up Catholic. As we role out other core classes, you’ll be sure to hear about them, and I hope you dive in!

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Pastor Mickey

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