Leadership Residency

The Generations Leadership Residency 

We are preparing future Pastors, Elders, and Lay-Leaders to be effective ministers for the gospel in a shifting cultural landscape.

About Us

The Generations Leadership Residency’s mission is to train leaders for the challenges of leading the Church in the 21st century.  The residency centers around three major elements: Organizational Leadership, Biblical Discipleship, and Entrepreneurship.  Participants will gain hands-on leadership experience in ministries throughout Generations as well as real world business applications.  

Residents will also have the opportunity to earn a Master of Biblical Leadership degree with a specialization in Strategic Leadership from our partner university during their program.  

We are looking for aspiring leaders from various backgrounds and skill sets who are hungry to learn, eager to see the Church thrive, and feel a calling on their lives to serve.  

Residency Features

Earn a Master’s of Biblical Leadership

A competency-based master’s program joined to an immersive leadership residency program 

Multiple Areas of Excellence Training Opportunities 

Residents will be placed into specific ministry areas based on their indicated interests and their experiences but will will also be exposed to experiences in each area of the church.

Business & Entrepreneurial Training 

Grow your business acumen and learn important practical skills necessary for leading any organization like marketing, accounting, and financial stewardship.  

Dedicated Personal Mentors

Residents will be assigned a team of dedicated mentors to guide them throughout their experience.

Trip to The Holy Land to Walk the “Jesus Trail”

Travel to Israel and walk the same paths that Jesus used while studying the life of Christ with experts. 

Global Missions Trip Leadership Experience in the Czech Republic

Develop, execute, and lead an English and Sports summer camp ministries for students in the Czech Republic, one of the most atheistic countries in the world.

Onsite and Offsite Training Experiences

Learn from experts fields ranging from military leadership to theme park guest experience.

Placement Assistance 

Work with our team to develop your resume, build your online portfolios, train for interviews, and connect with our nationwide network of ministry partners.


  • What Areas of Excellence are available? 
    • Residents can choose to specialize in   
      • Next Gen Ministry 
      • Creative Arts
      • Adult Discipleship Ministry 
      • Operations and Management 
      • Communications 
    • While the above will be areas of focus each Residents will spend time gaining experience with our operations and facilities team, human resources team, communications and marketing team, and other groups essential for the day-to-day operation of our church.  We believe that leaders are more effective when they have a full understanding of everything that it takes to run an organization. 
  • What is the timeline of the residency? 
    • Programs will start in early August and end in July. 

  • Are there any tuition fees involved?
    • Yes, tuition and fees will be handled directly by our educational partners.  Support raising is also permitted, if necessary.
  • What is included? 
    • Tuition for the Master’s of Biblical Leadership Degree Program
    • Travel for the Holy Land Jesus Trail Experience 
    • Travel for the Czech Republic English and Sport Summer Camp Missions Trip 
    • Off-site Training Experiences
    • Administrative Costs
    • Housing and Expenses (rent, utilities, groceries, gas  
      • Residents are welcomed to raise support for living expenses.
  • Does participation lead to employment at Generations? 
    • Please be advised that the Generations Leadership Residency is not designed as a path to employment at Generations Christian Church. 
    • Our vision for our Residents after their program would be to go out and impact the world by having a clear understanding of God’s call on their lives, an advanced level of ministry preparation, and a clear next step in their journey.

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