He is the God of the mountains and the valleys, but more than anything, He is the God of the middle. The ordinary days, the confusing days the days where we feel like our effort isn’t making a dent is when He desires to show up the most. He is described as a jealous God in the O.T. He doesn’t change, so He’s still jealous. What is God jealous for? He owns everything, so what could He possibly have a desire for?

He is Jealous to be glorified in your life. He wants credit and glory for your story. The best parts, the redemption, the twists, the turns, and the last-second saves are the things He wants.

So how does it work? We have two things that give us the roadmap. The first is the clue that He never changes, so if we find out what He has done in the past, we know what He will do in the future! Join us as we look at how God was in the middle with Joseph, Moses, Daniel, and the Apostles who walked with Jesus. His goodness is shown in the lives of these people. He was jealous to show His goodness. They had to keep their hands off of His glory for Him to do His best work in their lives.

In the Middle Matters.
In the ‘middle’ of your story is where you need to know God the most.
In ‘the middle’ is where the story is always the hardest.
In ‘the middle’ is where God gets the closest.
In ‘the middle’ is where God shows He will sustain us, redeem us, save us, and show us how He’s been there all along.

This Is Your Time to meet God ‘in the middle.’