How It’s Made

Join starting May 4/5 for a 5 week series where we will look at “How It Is Made:  A shepherd, Mentoring, Humility, Leadership and True Grit”

I have always been fascinated with the TV show called, “How it is made”.  It’s just great TV!  I can watch it with my boys and we see a simple product from raw materials constructed over a matter of a few minutes.  It has the whole process clearly laid out.  We get to see how intricate the most everyday items are constructed with creativity, tools, design and final packaging. It is so clean and almost even looks simple at times!  We all know the truth is that tons of production goes into every detail of the products we use everyday.  Many of us never stop to think about how something was made.  We just use it and expect it to work.  

Some things however we stop and wonder about.  Some things are not as simple as a fork or work hammer.  They are larger and more conceptual – like “Leadership, Mentoring, Humility, the art of Shepherding and grit”. How are those types of things “MADE”?

This exactly what we need in our lives from God’s word!  So many books, Ted talks and seminars try to break down for us the working components that will ultimately give us the final use of these abstract qualities all packaged and user ready!  But it’s never as easy to implement little tricks we might pick up.  The true art in the making of these qualities is so much more layered with the complexities that exists in all of our own situations.