This is the perfect time to look into the bible for help on issues surrounding family matters. Family tensions are at peak levels just because of the season we we have been walking through. If there were little issues we needed help on before we spent 6 months in a lockdown situation together, then those things have most likely developed into bigger issues and now really need our attention. It might surprise you to know how concerning the effects of COVID 2020 are on our family matters. Whether you live in the same house or not, you might be surprised to know that all the bad metrics are up: loneliness, divorce, abuse, estrangement, and brokenness. The good news is that God cares for your family and he has hope and the answers you need right now. During this four week teaching series, we are going to have a time of renewal as a church when it comes to ‘Family Matters’. Join us online or on campus for the weekend teaching as we look at David’s life from the Old Testament and the lessons God has to teach us for your family to flourish and succeed. This Is Your Time.


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