Awana FAQ

Q.  Is Awana similar to what my kid experiences on the weekends?

A.  No, we have intentionally created an experience that is different from weekends. Awana goes deeper into the Bible and allows for more discussion with a smaller leader-child ratio. Kids will enjoy rotations with their group leader, including large group, games, and small group focused on scripture memorization and application! In addition, PreK will experience puppet shows, snacks, and crafts!

Q.  Can I get involved in Awana with my child? 

A.  Certainly! Simply contact us and let us know!

Q.  When is Awana offered?   

A.  Awana is offered in the fall an goes up to May — on Wednesday nights.

Q.  What if I can’t afford the supply fee?

A.  If you need financial assistance, please contact GCC Children’s Ministry.

Q.  Is there anything for me to do while Awana is in session? 

A.  You can serve in Awana, Middle School or High School Ministry. For those serving, free childcare is available. Pre-registration is required.

Q.  Do I have to stay on campus? 

A.  No, you may drop your child off at Awana and leave campus if you like. We will need your contact information and a completed Medical Release Form in the event your child becomes ill or an emergency arises. Drop-off is NOT permitted for childcare.

Q.  What if my child isn’t potty trained yet?

A.  Your child must be potty trained to participate in Awana.   


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