At Generations, we believe in Connect People To Jesus! That’s why we are BIG on Discipleship! Our Discipleship ministry offers many opportunities to deeply connect to Jesus connect to others, and to grow spiritually!

Small Groups are intentional environments, designed for people to study God’s Word, build godly relationships, and connect deeply to Jesus! We have all kinds of groups to connect to! Men’s, Women’s, Coed, Couples, Singles, Young Adult, Young Married Couples, College-Age, and Young Professional! We offer Small Groups and Bible Studies, some seasonal & some all year!

Connect Class is where we communicate effectively the heart and soul of what we believe at GCC, and how you can learn, grow, and serve. After Connect, we offer a series of other core classes where you can learn more about God’s Word and grow in community with others. After Connect Class, these core classes are literally your next step.


The goal of Men’s Ministry is to create an environment where men can grow in Christ, build strong relationships with Christian brothers, and learn to make a godly impact in their world of influence.


The Women’s Ministry at Generations Christian Church connects women to Christ by helping women grow more deeply in their love for Jesus, develop their understanding and knowledge of the Bible, and get connected with other women at GCC. 


PrimeTime events are specially designed for 60+. Come get connected at GCC!

Sunday Grow Group Opportunities

Impact Bible Study

Impact is a Bible study that is designed to get members into the Word and help them grow. Class meets at 9:30 AM every Sunday in The Commons.


Good Shepherd Bible Study

Good Shepherd is a Bible study that is designed to get members into the Word and help them grow. Class meets at 10:30 AM every Sunday in The Commons.

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