I’ve announced a few times earlier this year about the exciting 2019 Core 52 sermon series plan. I am personally excited because I have the opportunity to partner with a dear friend on this project and the experience we are having on the weekends is awesome. Here is what we are working on in 2019:

Core 52 is a content road map for the weekend corporate teaching. Mark Moore is the developer and author of a book called Core 52. Mark has also custom designed a road map just for GCC, connecting the top 52 essential verses in God’s Word with the top 52 ‘can’t miss’ narrative texts! Now, I have to give this sidebar real quick, this isn’t legalistic folks! We know there isn’t a passage that says, “here are the most important verses.” (besides when Jesus said this is the GREATEST COMMANDMENT OF ALL in Matthew 22!) However, after years of study and teaching at the collegiate level, Mark has zeroed in on what he believes are the most important texts to build on. If we start with these 52 verses and 52 narrative texts, the base knowledge in both testaments and primary historical contexts will prove to be a firm bible foundation. This is one of the significant things that we are all called to do, ‘teach and closely watch out for sound doctrine’ in 1Timothy 4:16.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed that we are in a long 52 week series. That is because our creative arts team has broken the larger series into smaller mini-series with compelling theming (Thanks to our team!). We are super thankful for the road map that Mark has created. We would encourage you to grab his book too! Don’t worry, this won’t spoil the GCC weekend experience! God’s Word is deep and wide! Sometimes we have tracked just with the main memory verse and haven’t had time to use the narrative text as the means to explain or teach the memory verse. There’s nothing wrong with this! We can’t go wrong when we are opening God’s Word and digging in. Some of the themes will line up for sure with Mark’s book, but our custom GCC mini-series and weekly snapshots are tailor-made for what we are experiencing here at GCC!

Here is the win for our church and how you can participate:

  • Join us in memorizing these 52 verses here!
  • Join us in taking a quantum leap in understanding God’s Word in a deeper way!
  • Pray for God to help you understand His Word in a deeper way.
  • Invite anyone who doesn’t understand God’s plan for their life to join us on this journey at GCC.
  • Watch this video HERE

This is Your Time . . . to Dive Deeper!